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Here is the US television premiere schedule for September. All times are Eastern/Pacific. All dates are tentative. Shows marked as New! are new to television this season.

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September 2018 Premieres Television Premiere Dates  •   

CFB On Fox
Eighth season premieres on FOX on September 1, 2018

Saturday Night College Football
Thirteenth season premieres on ABC on September 1, 2018

Football Night In America
Thirteenth season premieres on NBC on September 6, 2018

I Love You, America
Second season premieres on HULU on September 6, 2018

Sunday Night Football
Thirty-second season premieres on NBC on September 6, 2018

Murder Made Me Famous
Sixth season premieres on REEL on September 8, 2018

You New!
First season premieres on LIFE on September 9, 2018

Monday Night Football
Forty-ninth season premieres on ESPN on September 10, 2018

Thursday Night Football
Twelfth season premieres on NFLN on September 13, 2018

Second season premieres on FOX on September 23, 2018

Other Premieres Television Premiere Dates  •   
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